BS Session #2: Gimme some SPACE!

μBrew has a House!  We’ve joined forces with the Rogers Experimental House to bring homebrewing to the community!  We’re moving our hardware projects into Downtown Rogers only collaborative space, the Rogers Experimental House.  Take a little tour with me (and my brand-spanking-new lavaliere microphone) as I discuss some upcoming projects.

I’m really excited about the non-intrusive fermentation monitoring.  I hate having to risk a batch of beer just to find out if it is done.

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I can’t just say “Hello, World!” now can I?

Welcome to μBrew, where we’ll make equipment, make beer, and make whatever the hell we want.

The plan is to do a combination of articles, blog posts and videos detailing our adventures in brewing.  We’ll try to keep the tangents to a minimum, but I cannot promise I won’t squirrel out from time to time.  I intend to work on all my projects with equipment I already have in my shop.  I also plan on using the video equipment I already own and free software to produce my content.  This is a learning process for me, so bear with me until I figure out how to half-ass it.  The only exception to the free software plan is my home seat of SolidWorks, which comes from my employment.  We’ll be messing around with alternate versions to make sure everyone can follow along at home.

AJ and I are passionate about brewing and making, and we want to provide a way to lower the barriers of this amazing hobby.

Keep coming back for more!
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