Engineer by day.  Drinker by day (and night.)  Between the two I occasionally brew beer.

I’ve been tinkering with things my whole life.  Cars, electronics, computers, whatever I could pry open.  They were all fair game, which probably caused a bit of heartburn with the folks.  I went pro after high school with my first real job: mechanical draftsman for an automation company.  After that, I took it up another level by spending 5 years as an aircraft mechanic for the United States Marine Corps.  Upon my return home I entered school for my long awaited engineering degree, and while studying I wore a number of hats for another automation firm: designer, draftsman, mechanic, machinist, buyer, installer, assembler, and probably many more.  Things moving on as they do, I graduated with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.  It took 13 years, but I made it!  Nowadays I design aftermarket automotive equipment.  I truly enjoy the work, and it affords me the free time to work on my projects.

Speaking of…
I’m the kind of guy who has about a million projects on his list.  There’s so many things to do!  So many opportunities to learn new skills!  And that’s really what this μBrew thing is all about.  I want to learn all the things!  Video production!  Glass work!  Machining!  Welding!  Woodwork!  Electronics!  We’re going to do so many cool things here.  Here’s a glimpse:

Project List as of 6/30/16

Of course, I could do all these projects in less time with less effort by running them a bit simpler, but I’m not doing that.  I spend my days at work simplifying and reducing problems as far as they go.  This is my outlet for gratuitous over-engineering.

So, join me as we break some stuff, make some stuff, and drink some beer.
– J

Updated 06/30/2016